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     Scherzinger Pump Technology is synonymous for high-quality Gear Pump solutions - tailored to demanding applications.

    Engineering innovation along with precise manufacturing standards result in Gear Pump Products that are commonly used in the transferring of particle-free liquids in the following industries:

    Automotive Engineering, Chemical, Medical Sciences, Mechanical and Plant Engineering, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Power Generation and other Process Industries.

     Northern positive displacement gear pumps have been providing answers to difficult pumping applications for over eighty years.

     With testimonials from customers who have returned Northern gear pumps for a factory rebuild and find that their industrial pumps have been in continuous service for up to forty years.

    Tuthill is a global manufacturer of rock solid products used in a variety of industrial markets. Since 1892, Tuthill has promised their customers peace of mind through demonstrated dependability – plus a sense of pride by having selected Tuthill’s unique combination of value and quality.