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    Tuthill Pump has been manufacturing positive displacement pumps since 1927, and today is a leader in positive displacement pump technology. Tuthill started with internal gear pumps and was very successful with pumps for fuel oil and forced lubrication pumps for rotating equipment such as gear boxes, engines, transmissions and compressors.

    In 1969 Tuthill purchased a heavy duty circumferential piston pump line known both as the "Bump Pump" and the "Ulrich Pump". The addition of circumferential piston technology gave Tuthill significant exposure to additional markets including food processing and chemical processing.

    In 1977 Tuthill formed a company in Concord, California manufacturing miniature magnetically coupled external gear pumps. The addition of magnetic coupling and external gear pump technology provided Tuthill the opportunity to establish a presence in additional markets and applications such as kidney dialysis machines, water purification equipment, automotive service, and ink jet printers.

    In the late 1980's, Tuthill acquired several patents for magnetic coupling technology, and a MD line of magnetically coupled internal gear pumps was introduced in 1990.  In the early 1990's, Tuthill purchased the ST line of process application focused internal gear pumps which was the forerunner of today's GlobalGear® line of industrial duty internal gear pumps.