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4000 Series Pumps  
    General Information
    Performance / Fuel Oils
    Performance / Lube Oils
    Dimensions / Size 4300
    Dimensions / Size 4400
    Dimensions / Size 4500
    Dimensions / Size 4600
    Dimensions / Size 4800
    Dimensions / Size 4900
    Service Bulletin 100
    Service Bulletin 101
NPC Series Pumps  
    General Information


    Northern® gear pumps are positive displacement rotary gear pumps that are designed for nearly any liquid transfer application, particularly those involving extremes of temperature, viscosity, pressure and inlet conditions. Exceptions for the carbon steel series include liquids containing high concentrations of abrasives, liquids which have poor lubricity such as water, and liquids that are corrosive.

    Northern® heavy duty gear pumps are factory engineered for your toughest applications. They are precisely manufactured with materials for long life and high reliability. The 4000 series pump is made from carbon steel and is traditionally designed with a five plate modular construction, best for the majority of applications.

    The NPC offers pulse-free flow for smooth even coating and provides for fast and complete breakdown necessary for cleaning and reassembly that can be accomplished in just a few minutes. And, it is modular which means that one body size can easily be converted to three differing flow rates with only a few interchangeable parts. This product is "just the ticket" for the slot die, coatings and pharmaceutical industries pumping needs.