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AC Powered Utility Pumps

    Series 300

    Series 400

    Series 600

    Series 700

DC Powered Utility Pumps

    Series 1200

    Series 4200

    Series 400

Hand Pumps
    Series 20
    Series 100
    Series 5200
    Series 800
    Series 900

    Tuthill is a global manufacturer of rock solid products used in a variety of industrial markets. Since 1892, Tuthill has promised their customers peace of mind through demonstrated dependability – plus a sense of pride by having selected Tuthill’s unique combination of value and quality.

    Tough. Reliable. Long-lasting. Fill-Rite Hand Pumps deliver fluids quickly and easily. Whether you're transferring gasoline, oil, diesel, even residual water from your tanks, select from a variety of Fill-Rite hand pumps. You'll appreciate the trouble-free performance of these rugged hand pumps.